The brand ""Anna Lodi"" was born after a wonderful path in the tailoring of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan, where whatever is created is linked to an emotion to be transmitted to the public. This artistic contamination is still there, strong and present both in the design of contemporary jewelery Anna Lodi, which in the fine tailored accessories. A jewel contains a story in itself. A jewel contains emotions. ""We women are life stories. We like that a jewel is accomplice of what more caresses our imagination; We are vital and even a jewel must express life. For this reason, my thematic collections, which are ironic like fairy tales, artistic inspiration or Japanese graphics, are among the most choices. But there is also a great space for high quality acrylic resins, where you can play with space, instead of with images; Three-dimensionality and geometries create net and strong impacts, for those who love modern jewelery and knows how to dare. Never as in the last two years we realized that the future are people. I think and project the bijoux or a fabric fashion accessory having in mind the happiness of those who wear it ».


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