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Calabria & Calabria produces preserves, jams, sauces, vegetables and olives from fresh materials. We pack you within 24 hours of product collection, so as to enhance the genuineness of Calabrian rural gastronomy. The production process is based on the respect of the territory and on the protection of the environment. We do not accept compromises in quality, a mediocre job cannot have a future. We want to excite our customers with products that can not only surprise the palate but capable of arriving at the heart.


Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Various flavors of olives in vacuum bags

  • -

  • - Creams and olive pâté

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs ideal for any occasion

  • - Mushrooms in oil ideal on pizzas, bruschetta, sandwiches etc

  • - Olive creams and pâtés are excellent as an aperitif and appetizer

  • - Whole olives handcrafted using natural methods

  • - Ideal beaten ingredients for the preparation of delicious aperitifs

  • - Creams and pâtés to season all dishes

  • - Tomato sauces and gravies according to the traditional recipe

  • - Ready-made sauces and gravies

  • - Excellent vegetables in oil and pickle as a side dish

  • - Ideal liqueurs for the end of a meal

  • - Mushrooms in oil ideal for embellishing various recipes

  • - Nduja lightly smoked spreadable salami

  • - Olive creams and pateè ideal as an aperitif and appetizer

  • - Whole olives prepared naturally according to tradition

  • - Tasty delicious side dishes ideal on bruschetta and bread

  • - Delicious creams and pâtés, ideal for preparing aperitifs

  • - Tomato sauces and sauces ready to be heated over a low heat

  • - Appetizing pickled vegetables in oil, ideal as a side dish

  • - Gift baskets and mixed packs for thoughts to enjoy


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