The San Michele brewery was born in October 2010 from the passion for craft beer and the desire to make known the taste of true beer which, at the time, dominated by the industrial one, was pressure unknown. The discovery of artisan beer by the creator and founder of the San Michele brewery, Bruno Gentile, dates back to the 90s, thanks to a meeting with an old and wise brewer of the north of Europe, a place where this precious nectar was Always present. In that occasion, Bruno was not only illuminated by a gustatory experience never tried before and by the wise advice of the brewer, but he realized that it was not possible that he had spent a good part of his life (â € Iple numbers and computersâ € ¦) with the unawareness that there was such a good thing like craft beer and that it had not yet had the opportunity to savor it in their country. So the desire to share this experience with friends, neighbors, people of their country was born. The game turned into passion and the San Michele brewery was born so magically, the fruit for the passion of Cié who is really good. The San Michele brewery currently produces over 500,000 bottles at the year and exports to many countries foreign, even in those where local beers have a long tradition.



Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - AIDA malts smoked with beech wood

  • - MIMI' its citrus notes give it freshness

  • - MANON delicate with citrus notes tending towards orange

  • - MARIA STUARDA unmistakable resinous scent

  • - TOSCA the dry, bitter taste of the Czech tradition stands out

  • - LADY MACBETH with its pleasant bitterness mixed with sweetness

  • - TRAVIATA in harmony between sweet and bitter, the linden stands out

  • - BUTTERFLY with its slightly fruity flavors

  • - VALKYRIA fruity bouquet in which bananas prevail

  • - LUCIA classic English with a persistent bitter note

  • - NORMA full-bodied with a strong aroma of toasted malt

  • - CARMEN an irresistible cocktail of fruit and spices

  • - SEMIRAMIDE the notes of raisins, strawberry give refinement

  • - DESDEMONA taste of roasted malt and creaminess of coffee

  • - BRUNILDE delicate bitterness and light coffee taste

  • - TURANDOT caramel, licorice, chocolate, toasted notes


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