Due civette sul comò

Due civette sul comò

All objects are strictly handmade, almost in the totality with the puff pastry technique, using only work tools and wooden scalders and skewers, and almost in the totality with terraglia, that is, clay that is once cooked is white. Some cribs are in red clay.The objects with subcrystalline colors and then crystalline them to obtain ceramic, in the case of the cribs in red soil I use acrylics. With the earth I make a very thin sheet, especially to get extremely light jewels. All colors and crystalline are apombic, so the objects I do can also be used for food. I often combine the ceramic semi -deprecious stones (aquamarine, pink quartz, Sardinian coral, bamboo coral, agate, jade, grenades, tourlan etc.) for bracelets earrings and necklaces. In almost all of my jewels, the chains, the carabiners, the anellins and the conjunction, the nuns, and all the other gear components are in golden and non -golden stainless steel. For a few earrings the Anelle and Monachelle are handmade by me with beaten brass wire. I prefer the imaginative style, jewels that are inspired by fairy tales such as Riding Hood, Cinderella, Alice, but also to famous people, such as Stanlio and Ollio, Freddie Mercury, Charlot and Marilyn, all of course revisited with a drawing made by me and in key .. . Hubm, my purpose is to tear a smile, and the thing I like most when people stop at my stand is to see that they have fun. The only serious things I do are obviously the jewels made in ceramic combined with semi -deprecious stones. I recently discovered the third fire gold, Zecchino gold and sometimes even pure platinum, which I use for touches and cvampts in jewelry, bowls and Christmas decorations.



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