Foreli Studio

Foreli Studio
Foreli was born from the acronym of my name: Forghieri Elisabetta, For-Eli. I love to study, intertwine languages ​​and techniques. It is to satisfy this urgency to express myself through the art I attended: ceramic course at the ""Adolfo Venturi"" State Artistic High School in Modena, subsequently the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna; Then the master's master's master's master's degree at the DAMS in Bologna. I try to imagine a new destiny for each material and in ceramic, in particular in the porcelain, I found a material capable of welcoming my curiosity to intertwine languages, elements and techniques. Thus were born the ""Tort & Lino"" and all the other creations rigorously handmade in my Latratorio di Modena.


Zuhause und Möbel,Schmuck

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Large ""Tort & Lino"" in enamelled ceramic with bright colors to hang or rest on a surface

  • - The white porcelain lamps engraved with decorations of ""fior di nonsò

  • - Vases

  • - Porcelain necklaces

  • - porcelain earrings

  • - porcelain rings

  • - Ceramic pins