Gavilani is a luxury brand that markets products made by hand by the best Ecuadorian craftsmen in the world; The raw material of the highest quality comes from Ecuador, a South American country rich in cultural and natural diversity thanks to its 4 natural regions (the coast, the plateau, the love part and the island part). Among the natural and cultural diversity recognized all over the world by international organizations such as UNESCO develop their work qualified craftsmen, who have dedicated their talent and professionalism to forge the identity and exclusivity of their products from generation to generation. Gavilani, proud of this identity, shows the richness of the high quality of the raw material and the precious work of the hands of the Ecuadorian limb through: straw hats toquilla, faachalinas, canongas and shigras; The exclusive design, the rigorous selection of materials and the treatment in production make each piece unique and luxurious. Its founder has a family legacy linked to the identity of craftsmen and traders and also to exporters who in 1890 built a link with the export of cocoa and coffee in Europe. Thanks to this inheritance, today the Ecuadorian opens a new door to the world to make known the rich heritage and the history of Ecuador through its luxury products, merging refined design and the best raw materials that the country offers thanks to the collaboration of artisans of different Ecuador communities.


Kleidung und Accessoires,Schmuck

Die Produkte auf der Messe

  • - Straw Woman Cappelli Toquilla Montecristi, made by the families of artisans of Montecristi in Ecuador

  • - Hand intertwined Fachalinas in 100% pure cotton of otavalo

  • - Shigra bag of Cabuya and cotton, weaves and colors of the Ecuador plateau

  • - Cordlegleg Filigrana Candonga, luxurious jewels made 100% hand by hand

  • - Paglia Men's Cappelli Toquilla Montecristi, made by the families of artisans of Montecristi in Ecuador

  • - Children's accessories

  • - Gaviñani Baby newborn shutters is 100% handmade by craftsmen from the city of Ambato