Giovanni Rubanu in 1959 he moved to Borore with his Sardinian sheep and today his sons Giuseppe and Pietro continue to graze in this area his flock from whose raw milk derives essentially ricotta, DOP cheeses and pecorinoes in various seasoned. In our greens campaigns, where we find the fresh and clean air of our pastures. This is where the Fratelli Rubanu farm stands with the selected breeding of Sardinian sheep, in an uncontaminated context from which he inherits the passion for simple life, for the flavors of the past. It is here that, handed down from father to children, the wise work of the earth and breeding where they transform our milk directly into the company. Faithful to the end of this philosophy, the Rubanu family has always operated in full respect of nature, which provides all the nourishment for farms from local lands through natural fertilizers. The breeding of the Rubanu brothers has constantly evolved, starting from a rural reality structured with modern breeding and food methods, to be what is today: a company that sinks its roots in the past, but look constantly To the future.



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